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Description of Hawaiian Quilting Class by Ginger LaVoie
Breadfruit ( "Not Just for Beginners" ) The Beginning

This class is a good starting point for anyone who is interested in Hawaiian
Quilting, whether you are a beginner or an advanced quilt maker. We will
start with a Breadfruit design (22" x 22") for several reasons but mainly it
is a tradition in the Islands to do the breadfruit design first. The legend
says that the first Hawaiian Quilt was inspired by the shadow that was cast
by a breadfruit tree, which was the Hawaiian staff of life, providing food,
medicine, shelter and many spiritual benefits. Using the breadfruit as your
first piece gives the maker a fruitful life and you shall never hunger for
wisdom or knowledge with Hawaiian Quilting becoming a part of your life. I
encourage my students to fulfill the legends and traditions of Hawaiian
quilting and to have a good start in this wonderful art.

Another reason to start with the breadfruit is within this design are all the
different elements in the applique that you need to learn, points, valleys,
straight areas, outside and inside curves. In the quilting you will learn to
echo out from both points and round areas. Once completing this pillow sized
breadfruit design you will have experienced many aspects of doing a Hawaiian
Quilt. I encourage my students to make two pillow sized pieces before
creating a full size quilt.

This class will consist of a six-hour session with a break for lunch,(so
bring something to eat). There will not be enough time to complete the
applique portion of the lesson but we will cover all the information that you
will need to complete your pillowcase.

I will begin the lesson with cutting out your pattern; placing it on the
background fabric, and then pinning and basting the design down to get it
ready to applique. This will take about an hour and a half. While everyone
is basting, I will show a video about Hawaiian Quilting that we can watch
while we stitch. It will surely give us the inspiration that we need. Then
we will begin to do the overcast applique stitch in which you needle turn
under the raw edge of the fabric, turning under about 1/8 inch. Remove the
basting and then iron your piece before you put your piece into the next

On your own you will prepare your piece for quilting by pinning the three
layers together and then basting them to hold your work in place while you
are doing the quilting. I will demonstrate this step and make sure it is
very clear to everyone. This step will take about one hour. Then you will
echo quilt your piece, radiating the rows of quilting out from the design to
the edge of the quilt, which I will also demonstrate. I will show you how to
keep your stitches and rows of quilting even and then how to sew your
completed pillowcase together.

Supply List will be furnished - Cost $500.00 - 6 hour workshop
(Complete Kits are also available at wholesale price to students
@ $25.00)
Add travel expenses @ .30 a mile (meals and lodging)

Cut and Lay a Full Size Hawaiian Quilt
by Ginger LaVoie

The journey into making a full size Hawaiian Quilt will be a spiritual
adventure that you will not want to miss. I have had 20 years of
experiencing in laying out full size Hawaiian Quilts and can help this step
to flow with ease. In my collection of treasures, I have over 40 full size
Hawaiian quilt patterns that date back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
These have been given to me as gifts over the past 20 years. I also have
over a dozen of my own original Hawaiian Quilt designs for you to choose from.

First we will venture into choosing one of these patterns (which represent
the islands) that touch your spirit and call you to her shores. We will
trace the pattern onto paper and than begin to place the pattern on to your
folded fabric to prepare to cut. Opening the pattern up onto the background
fabric and caressing the design into place is the birth of your quilt and
will begin the bond that you make with your quilt, with your love and spirit
entering into its fibers.

I will send a complete fabric requirement and supply list along with all the
pre-class preparations that will need to be completed prior to the workshop.
This class will be only limited by the amount of space that you have. Each
student will need to have available 3 - six to eight foot tables put together
to lay out their quilts. Also having two persons per quilt to be laid will
help things go faster. (We can also work on wall hanging size pieces, which
take less space).
Cost - $500.00 6 hour workshop Mahalo nui loa Ginger

Hawaiian Quilt Designing
by Ginger LaVoie

Bring your vision or special sentiments to this workshop, that you would like
to see expressed in a Hawaiian Quilt design. We can do a wall hanging or
full size quilt design. Expert Hawaiian Quilt Artist, Ginger LaVoie will
guide you in your creation of your own original design. Her design
techniques will give you the confidence to freely express your deepest
feelings of love and joy into a quilted piece that will be cherished by you
and your family for generations. It will be a truly one of a kind creation
with powerful emotions flowing like the Hawaiian breeze.
We will even give your creation a Hawaiian name!

Everyone has a design in them and my mission is to give you the confidence,
inspiration, encouragement or guidance that you will need to fulfill this
process. We will venture into this together, and I will be there with you
along the way to help you to reach this goal. I have developed several
"quick and easy" methods of design and with my 20 years of experience, I can
guarantee each of your success. My methods include bringing in leaves and
flowers and pictures of your favorite flowers and trees and these will
actually be implemented into your design. I will look forward to being
apart of this very special experience with you. Take this journey with me
and you will always treasure the experience that we will have together.
Mahalo nui loa. Ginger LaVoie Supply list will be furnished.
Cost - $500.00 5 hour workshop

Slideshow/Lecture Presentation by Ginger LaVoie
The History of Hawaiian Quilting

Starting with a background in the pre-missionary Kapas (quilts) that
where made from bark cloth which the old Hawaiians were creating hundreds of
years before the first woven fabrics and steel needles were introduced to the
islands and I than will travel through time to the birth of the first
Hawaiian Quilt. I will take you through the evolution of the Breadfruit
Quilt, which reflects the beginnings, to the special commemorative quilts
that reflect the history of the Islands. I will share with you the quilts
and stories of the quilts that I have created which tell the story of my 26
years on the Island of Moloka’i.
My slide show presentation will both educate and inspire you to give this
wonderful art form a try. I hope to captivate the audience and help them to
experience the essence of what Hawaiian quilting meant to both the quilters
of the past to the stitchers of today.

1 1/2 hour Cost: $300.00 + travel expenses
Includes a trunk show/display of my quilts.