Copyright 2002. All quilt designs are copywritten and cannot be reproduced without written permission from Ginger LaVoie.
Ginger LaVoie
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These are a collection of the quilts that Ginger LaVoie has designed over the past 18 years. The specialty of creating beautiful,original designed, Hawaiian Quilts is a passion for Ginger. She spends many long hours in developing her designs to be both esthetically and spiritually pleasing.
These quilts are now available for sale for the first time.

Ginger's original quilts are all hand made under the watchful eye of the artist by master quilt makers. Because of the awesome amount of hours (about
1200 hours) to produce each of these quilts, it will take 10 months to send out your order. Your patience will be rewarded by an heirloom piece that you and your family will treasure for generations.

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