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Pillow 22" x 22" $125.00
Single 80" x 80" $2000.00
Full/Queen 92" x 92" $2400.00
King 104" x 104" $2800.00
Wall Hanging/Baby Quilt 65" x 65" $1600.00
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In Hawaiian history the Ulu or breadfruit was the first Hawaiian Quilt design, which was inspired by the shadow that was cast by the breadfruit tree’s branches. The Ulu was a staff of life for the old Hawaiians providing food, medicine, shelter and many spiritual benefits. Young sapling trees were brought over on the first Polynesian sailing canoes. Many men of old Hawaii would ask to be buried "under the ulu tree" so that even after death they would be providing for their families. The custom and old legends of this art say "When you make a breadfruit quilt, you will have a fruitful life and you
will never hunger for spiritual wisdom or knowledge."