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Ginger LaVoie



   Ginger LaVoie, who radiates energy and enthusiasm, is accomplished in the unique art form of Hawaiian Quilting, which evolved in the islands in the early 1800’s. She lived on the Island of Moloka’i for twenty-six years where she learned this art in 1982. This became a full time passion for her. Her designs are inspired by her love for God and the emotions stirred in her by the beauty of nature. Ginger and her family moved to Orlando in 1996 to live near her parents. Her days are filled with her family, designing, quilting, teaching, traveling, lecturing and demonstrating. She is
featured in the Summer 1996 issue of the American Quilters Magazine and in dozens of other publications including Patchwork Quilt Tsushin from Japan and LiBelle magazine from Belgium.
She was featured on HGTV "Simply Quilts", aired Jan. 1998 thru March 2002. She is the regular "Artist in Residence" at the Florida Walt Disney World Polynesian Resort since 1997 and is teaching and giving lectures across the US.

   Ginger is recognized as a Master Quilter and Folk Artist by the Florida Folk Life Foundation and was chosen to represent their Master/Apprenticeship program for 1999/2000. She was awarded the Florida Individual Artist Fellowship Grant for 2000/2001. Ginger is featured on the PBS Florida Crossroads program, "Mastering the Arts" aired 9/24/2000, 12/14/2001 & 2/9/2002.

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